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Sunday School | Wednesday Evening | Conference 2015 | Miscellaneous Audio

DateSunday SchoolScriptureSpeakerAudio
3/18/18Israel, the Church, and the Templevarious textsRev. Dylan Rowland
3/11/18Book of Hebrews and the TempleHebrewsDavid Sheldon
3/04/18Machen and LiberalismRev. Leo Frailey
8/27/17The Scripture as God's Revelation (pt 9)various textsDavid Sheldon
8/20/17The Scripture as God's Revelation (pt 8)various textsDavid Sheldon
8/06/17The Scripture as God's Revelation (pt 7)various textsDavid Sheldon
7/30/17The Scripture as God's Revelation (pt 6)various textsDavid Sheldon
7/23/17The Scripture as God's Revelation (pt 5)various textsDavid Sheldon
7/16/17The Scripture as God's Revelation (pt 4)various textsDavid Sheldon
5/21/17Study of Corinthians1 CorinthiansRev. Matthew Judd
4/16/17Study of Corinthians1 CorinthiansRev. Matthew Judd
4/09/17Dr. Dave Shook
4/02/17Study of Corinthians1 CorinthiansRev. Matthew Judd
3/26/17Study of Corinthians1 CorinthiansRev. Matthew Judd
1/01/17The Scripture as God's Revelation (pt 3)various textsDavid Sheldon
12/18/16Study of Corinthians1 Corinthians 3
12/11/16Study of Corinthians1 Corinthians 2:6-16Rev. Matthew Judd
12/04/16Dr. Dave Shook
11/27/16Islam ContRev. Matthew Judd
11/20/16Islam ContRev. Matthew Judd
11/13/16Islam ContRev. Matthew Judd

DateBible Study TitleScriptureSpeaker Audio
11/23/16Study through the Book of RevelationRevelationRev. Matthew Judd
11/09/16Study through the Book of RevelationRevelationRev. Matthew Judd

DateConference 2015ScriptureSpeaker Audio
11/29/15 PMA Day of Rest (and Labor?):
The Employments of Eternity
Genesis 1Rev. Matthew Judd
11/29/15A Day to Desire:
The Believer at the Judgment Seat
2 Corinthians 4Rev. Matthew Judd
11/22/15 PMA Day to Dread:
The Unprepared at the Judgment Seat
Matthew 25Rev. Matthew Judd
11/22/15A Day to End All Days:
The Return of Christ
1 Thessalonians 4Rev. Matthew Judd
11/15/15 PMA Peek behind the Veil:
What Comes Next after Death?
Luke 16 & 2 Corinthians 5Rev. Matthew Judd
11/15/15A Grief Observed:
What about Those Left Behind?
Psalm 13Rev. Matthew Judd

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DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeaker Audio
07/18/15Arnold Frank Memorial ServiceRev. Matthew Judd