Morning Sermons

All sermons are available online! Of course this is not a substitute for being an active and vital member of a Bible-believing, gospel-preaching local Church. In no way should you substitute listening to sermons online for worshiping almighty God in the midst of His Church (Hebrews 10:23-25; Leviticus 23:3).

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DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
4/01/18Behold, This Is Our GodIsaiah 25Rev. Dylan Rowland
3/25/18Looking Forward1 Corinthians 15Rev. Marc Clauson
3/11/18The Lord Is My ShepherdPsalm 23:1-4Rev. Leo Frailey
3/04/18Light vs. DarknessEphesians 5:3-14Rev. Leo Frailey
2/25/18PlanningJames 4:13-17Rev. Marc ClausonAudio Not Available
2/18/18The Lifestyle of Truth and GraceEphesians 4:25-5:2Rev. Leo Frailey
2/11/18The Sweet and Awful Providence of GodHabakkuk 3:17-19Rev. Dylan Rowland
2/04/18Marriage as Gospel Proclamation1 Peter 3:1-7Rev. Dylan RowlandAudio Not Available
1/28/18Acts 20Rev. Marc ClausonAudio Not Available
1/21/18Smyrna: Enduring in the Face of DeathRevelation 2:8-11Rev. Dylan Rowland
1/14/18Our New Life in ChristEphesians 4:17-24Rev. Leo Frailey
1/07/18God's Grace and Christian RighteousnessRomans 3:23-25Rev. Dylan Rowland

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/31/17Who Did You Say He is?Isaiah 9:6-7Rev. Jeremy Logan
12/24/17Mary's Song of PraiseLuke 1:46-55Rev. Leo Frailey
12/17/17Who Dost Our Weakness KnowHebrews 2:10-18Rev. Brad Peppo
12/10/17Rev. Marc Clauson
11/26/17God's Covenant FaithfulnessEzra 1:1-11Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/19/17Rejoice with an Inexpressible Joy1 Peter 1:3-9Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/12/17The Fullness of ChristEphesians 4:1-13Rev. Leo Frailey
11/05/17Opposition to the Proud, Grace to the Humble Luke 14:7-11Rev. Brad Peppo
10/22/17The Foolishness of the GospelI Corinthians 1Rev. Dr. Marc Clauson
10/15/17Ready for Every Good WorkTitus 3:1-8Rev. Brad Peppo
10/08/17Living Waters from the HeartJohn 7:37-39Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/1/17The Love You Had at FirstRevelation 1:4-2:7Rev. Brad Peppo
9/24/17Luther's Breakthrough to the GospelRomans 1Rev. Dr. Marc Clauson
9/17/17Word of Life ManifestedI John 1:1-4Mr. Stephen Lauer
9/10/17Tell of His SalvationPsalm 71:12-16Rev. Brad Peppo
9/03/17Eyes Fixed!Habakkuk 2:4,19-3:19Rev. Matthew Judd
8/27/17Assurance - God's Program and God's PositionHabakkuk 2Rev. Matthew Judd
8/20/17Assurance - God Shall Right All WrongHabakkuk 2Rev. Matthew Judd
8/13/17The Ultimate BlessednessRev. Leo Frailey
8/06/17God's AnswerHabakkuk 1:1-2Rev. Matthew Judd
7/30/17A Staggering ResponseHabakkuk 1:1-11Rev. Matthew Judd
7/23/17A Righteous ComplaintHabakkuk 1:1-4Rev. Matthew Judd
7/16/17The Crumbling of a NationHabakkuk 1:1-4Rev. Matthew Judd
7/09/17The Sinfulness of SinRomans 3:9-26Rev. Larry Oldaker
7/02/17A Meal to Nourish Your Hungry Soul1 Corinthians 11:17-34Rev. Matthew Judd
6/25/17Into the NameMatthew 28:16-20Rev. Matthew Judd
6/18/17If Children of the Father, then HeirsRomans 8:1-18Rev. Matthew Judd
6/11/17An Inseparable ConnectionMatthew 18:23-35Rev. Matthew Judd
6/04/17The Last Tool: the Crowbar of LoveMatthew 18:12-20Rev. Matthew Judd
5/28/17The Escalation of LoveMatthew 18:10-22Rev. Matthew Judd
5/21/17Understanding Why You Should CareMatthew 18:10-22Rev. Matthew Judd
5/14/17Am I My Brother's Keeper?Matthew 18:10-20Rev. Matthew Judd
5/07/17Why Should You Care?Matthew 18:1-14Rev. Matthew Judd
4/30/17Your Treatment of Kingdom CitizensMatthew 18:1-9Rev. Matthew Judd
4/23/17Only the HumbleMatthew 18:1-4Rev. Matthew Judd
4/16/17Your Living Hope (part 1)I Peter 1:1-9Rev. Matthew Judd
4/09/17Labor Not in VainPsalm 127:1-5Mr. Brian Guinto
4/02/17The Son Willingly SubjectMatthew 17:22-27Rev. Matthew Judd
3/26/17From the Depths to the Heights Matthew 17:1-27Rev. Matthew Judd
3/19/17From the Depths to the Heights Matthew 16:24-17:13Rev. Matthew Judd
3/12/17A Heavenly ColonyPhilippians 3:1-4:1Rev. Jeremy Logan
3/05/17In the Line-UpMatthew 16:21-27Rev. Matthew Judd
2/26/17The Rock and the Stumbling StoneMatthew 16:13-23Rev. Matthew Judd
2/19/17A Building Project Like No Other (part 2)Matthew 16:13-23Rev. Matthew Judd
2/12/17A Building Project Like No OtherMatthew 16:13-23Rev. Matthew Judd
2/04/17A Mid-Term ExaminationMatthew 16:13-23Rev. Matthew Judd
1/29/17Discernment: A Rare CommodityMatthew 15:32-16:12Rev. Matthew Judd
1/22/17Bread for Others, Too?Matthew 15:15-39Rev. Matthew Judd
1/15/17Not What Goes In...but What Comes OutMatthew 15:1-20Rev. Matthew Judd
1/08/17Hold Such Men in EsteemPhilippians 2:19-30Rev. Larry Oldaker
1/01/17Seeking the Lord Jesus ChristMatthew 2:1-12Rev. Leo Frailey

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/25/16Led to the House of BreadLuke 2:1-20Rev. Matthew Judd
12/18/16Preparing for ChristmasLuke 1:57-80Rev. Matthew Judd
12/11/16Foretold of OldGenesis 49:1-12Rev. Matthew Judd
12/04/16Provisions & PromisesPsalm 23:1-6Rev. Leo Frailey
11/27/16Who Is This?Matthew 14:22-36Rev. Matthew Judd
11/20/16Burdened with Grief; Moved with CompassionMatthew 14:1-21Rev. Matthew Judd
11/13/16THE Prophet RejectedMatthew 13:53-14:13Rev. Matthew Judd
11/06/16A King Who Judges in RighteousnessI Samuel 15:1-11Rev. Matthew Judd
10/30/16Profitable and Productive LearningMatthew 13:47-53Rev. Matthew Judd
10/23/16Gathered In, Sorted OutMatthew 13:47-50Rev. Matthew Judd
10/16/16Counting All Things As LossPhilippians 3:2-11Rev. Bill Kessler
10/09/16Kingdom Value: How Much Is It Worth To You?Matthew 13:44-46Rev. Matthew Judd
10/02/16From the Inside OutMatthew 13:31-33Rev. Matthew Judd
09/25/16Kingdom Expectations: Beginnings and EndingsMatthew 13:31-33Rev. Matthew Judd
09/18/16Kingdom Expectations: In This Age and the NextMatthew 13:24-30, 36-43Rev. Matthew Judd
09/11/16The Word of the KingdomMatthew 13:1-9, 18-23Rev. Matthew Judd
09/04/16A Deliberate Change in Method That You Might..."Matthew 13:1-17, 34-36Rev. Matthew Judd
08/28/16An Interruption Turned To Your ProfitMatthew 12:43-50Rev. Matthew Judd
08/21/16The Razor's Edge (part 2): Encountering JesusMatthew 12:33-45Rev. Matthew Judd
08/14/16The Razor's Edge: Encountering JesusMatthew 12:22-45Rev. Matthew Judd
08/07/16Waiting For The LordPsalm 130Brian Guinto
07/31/16I Will Put My Spirit Upon HimMatthew 12:14-32Rev. Matthew Judd
07/24/16The Sabbath and the Servant of the LordMatthew 11:28-12:21Rev. Matthew Judd
07/17/16Strenuously Following Jesus = True RestMatthew 11:28-12:8Rev. Matthew Judd
07/10/16Come!Matthew 11:25-30Rev. Matthew Judd
07/03/16Listening, Learning, and LongingMatthew 11:20-30Rev. Matthew Judd
06/26/16Who Will Receive the Greater Judgment?Matthew 11:20-24Rev. Matthew Judd
06/19/16The Apostle Paul's JoyI Thessalonians 3:6-13Rev. Leo Frailey
06/12/16A Critical Question that You Must AnswerMatthew 11:1-19Rev. Matthew Judd
06/05/16Taking Your StandMatthew 10:28-39Rev. Matthew Judd
05/29/16Don't Fear? or Fear? Which Is It?Matthew 10:26-31Rev. Matthew Judd
05/22/16The Apostolic Ministry BeginsMatthew 10:32-42Rev. Matthew Judd
05/15/16The Need, the Means, the ProvisionMatthew 9:32-10:4Rev. Matthew Judd
05/08/16Something New, Something Marvelous, Something Never Seen BeforeMatthew 9:14-34Rev. Matthew Judd
05/01/16Who Is In Need of the Doctor?Matthew 9:1-13Rev. Matthew Judd
04/24/16Three More Displays...Jesus Presses it HomeMatthew 8:23-9:9Rev. Matthew Judd
04/17/16Authority Displayed and a Deliberate DepartureMatthew 7:28-8:22Rev. Matthew Judd
04/10/16Why Do You Do ThatColossians 2:11, 12Rev. Matthew Judd
04/03/16Only Two ResponsesMatthew 7:24-29Rev. Matthew Judd
03/27/16Great Fear Mingled with Great JoyMatthew 28:1-10Rev. Matthew Judd
03/20/16Gospel Ministry in the Church1 Thess. 2:1-12Rev. Leo Frailey
03/13/16Two, and Only TwoMatthew 7:13-23Rev. Matthew Judd
03/06/16So Now We Come to ItMatthew 7:7-14Rev. Matthew Judd
02/28/16A Title, Office, Noun, or Verb?Acts 6:1-7Rev. Matthew Judd
02/21/16Confession of SinPsalm 51:1-6Rev. Leo Frailey
02/14/16Seek First But Watch Out for the Ever-Present SnareMatthew 7:1-6Rev. Matthew Judd
02/07/16Why WorryMatthew 6:25-34Rev. Matthew Judd
01/31/16A Singular FocusMatthew 6:19-24Rev. Matthew Judd
01/24/16A New Year and a New Commitment Pt. 4Ezra 7:10Rev. Matthew Judd
01/17/16A New Year and a New Commitment Pt. 3Ezra 7:10Rev. Matthew Judd
01/10/16A New Year and a New Commitment Pt. 2Ezra 7:1-10Rev. Matthew Judd
01/03/16A New Year and a New Commitment2 Timothy 3Rev. Matthew Judd

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/27/15The End of Another YearEcclesiastes 12Rev. Matthew Judd
12/20/15A Familiar StoryLuke 2:1-20Rev. Matthew Judd
12/13/15Guaranteed DeliveryIsaiah 40:1-11Rev. Matthew Judd
12/06/15No Audio Available
11/29/15Conference 2015 - See "Additional Audio"
11/22/15Conference 2015 - See "Additional Audio"
11/15/15Conference 2015 - See "Additional Audio"
11/08/15Did He Really Say ThatMatthew 6:14-15Rev. Matthew Judd
11/01/15Your RewardMatthew 6:1-21Rev. Matthew Judd
10/25/15No Audio Available
10/18/15The King and the Kingdom: Summing It Up So FarMatthew 5Rev. Matthew Judd
10/11/15Real LoveMatthew 5:43-48Rev. Matthew Judd
10/04/15Dying to Self when Self is AttackedMatthew 5:38-42Rev. Matthew Judd
09/27/15The Importance of Your Every WordMatthew 5:33-37Rev. Matthew Judd
09/20/15The Heart of the 7th Commandment, Pt. 2Matthew 5:31-32Rev. Matthew Judd
09/13/15Preparing for the BattleMark 3:7-19Rev. Larry Oldaker
09/06/15The Heart of the 7th Commandment, Pt. 1Matthew 5:27-30Rev. Matthew JuddCurrently Unavailable
08/30/15The Heart of the 6th CommandmentMatthew 5:21-26Rev. Matthew Judd
08/23/15Crystal ClearMatthew 5:17-20Rev. Matthew Judd
08/16/15The Fig Tree and the TempleMark 11:12-25 Jason Kirklin
08/09/15Shining for JesusMatthew 5:14-16Rev. Matthew Judd
08/02/15SaltMatthew 5:1-16Rev. Matthew Judd
07/26/15Counting the CostMatthew 5:10-12Rev. Matthew Judd
07/19/15Brokers in PeaceMatthew 5:3-9Rev. Matthew Judd
07/12/15UnmixedMatthew 5:8Rev. Matthew Judd
07/05/15Captured by MercyMatthew 5:7Rev. Matthew Judd
06/28/15More than Food and DrinkMatthew 5:6Rev. Matthew Judd
06/21/15Meekness Ain't WeaknessMatthew 5:1-5Rev. Matthew Judd
06/14/15Blessed GriefMatthew 5:1-12Rev. Matthew Judd
06/07/15Rev. Matthew JuddCurrently Unavailable
05/31/15Blessed PovertyMatthew 5:1-12Rev. Matthew Judd
05/24/15The Search for HappinessMatthew 4:23-5:12Rev. Matthew Judd
05/17/15Context is Key - The Sermon on the Mount and the KingdomMatthew 4:17-5:3, 10Rev. Matthew Judd
05/10/15The King, the Kingdom, and Those Who Shall Enter ItMatthew 5:1-20; 7:21-29Rev. Matthew Judd
05/03/15Those in Darkness - Behold a Great Light!Matthew 4:12-22Rev. Matthew Judd
04/26/15Where the First Adam Utterly Failed...Matthew 3:13-4:11Rev. Matthew Judd
04/19/15Not You - It Should Be Me!Matthew 3:1-17Rev. Matthew Judd
04/12/15Preparing the WayMatthew 3:1-12Rev. Matthew Judd
04/05/15Seeing and BelievingJohn 20:1-31Rev. Matthew Judd
03/29/15Protected, Preserved, and PreparedMatthew 2:13-23Rev. Matthew Judd
03/22/15Startled by the Wise MenMatthew 2:1-12Rev. Matthew Judd
03/15/15The King and His KingdomPsalm 45:1-7
Rev. Leo Frailey
03/08/15Bold and Confident WorshipPsalm 100:4-5Rev. Matthew Judd
03/01/15Equipped To Come Before His PresencePsalm 100:1-3Rev. Matthew Judd
02/22/15OverwhelmingHebrews 10:19-21Rev. Matthew Judd
02/15/15The Greatest News Proclaimed2 Corinthians 5:17-21Jeremy Logan
02/08/15For the Equipping of the SaintsEphesians 4:11-12Rev. Matthew JuddCurrently Unavailable
02/01/15Christ's Mercy Extended through Whom?Romans 12:8Rev. Matthew Judd
01/25/15Christ's Hands Extended through GivingRomans 12:8Rev. Matthew Judd
01/18/15Christ's Hands Extended in the ChurchRomans 12:6-8Rev. Matthew Judd
01/11/15Baptized Into God's NameMatthew 28:19-20Rev. Matthew Judd
01/04/15The Past, the Present, and Future1 Corinthians 6:9-11Rev. Matthew Judd

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/28/14The Word of Christ in Our MidstColossians 3:12-17Jeremy Logan
12/21/14Unwrapping the GiftMatthew 1:21Rev. Matthew Judd
12/14/14WaitingMatthew 1:1-17Rev. Matthew Judd
12/07/14Every Needed GiftRomans 12:6-8Rev. Matthew Judd
11/30/14Unity, Diversity, and DependencyRomans 12:4-5Rev. Matthew Judd
11/23/14Living Sacrifices and the Slippery SelfRomans 12:3Rev. Matthew Judd
11/16/14God's Intended Result for YouRomans 12:1Rev. Matthew Judd
11/09/14Transformation in the Christian Life - How?Romans 12:1-2Rev. Matthew Judd
11/02/14What is the Mission of the Church?Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 1:1-9Rev. Matthew JuddNo audio available
10/26/14Your Loyalty ExpressedRomans 12:2Rev. Matthew Judd
10/19/14What Is Your ResponseRomans 12:1Rev. Matthew Judd
10/12/14The Darkness Dispelled2 Peter 1:16-21Rev. Matthew Judd
10/05/14Repetition2 Peter 1:12-15Rev. Matthew Judd
09/28/14How Not to Stumble2 Peter 1:10-11Rev. Matthew Judd
09/21/14The Proof is in the Tasting of the Pudding2 Peter 1:8-9Rev. Matthew Judd
09/14/14Dormancy or Diligence2 Peter 1:5-7Rev. Matthew Judd
09/07/14The Jogging of Your Memory2 Peter 1:3-4Rev. Matthew Judd
08/31/14A Not so Common Hello2 Peter 1:1-2Rev. Matthew Judd
08/24/14In Christ We Are Fully CompleteColossians 2:9-10Jeremy Logan
08/17/14Captivated By Christ AloneColossians 2:8-10Jeremy Logan
08/10/14The Central Point & Sum of the MatterColossians 2:6-7Jeremy Logan
08/03/14A Christian Frame of MindPhilippians 3:8-16Rev. Larry Oldaker
07/27/14God's Mystery: Christ in YouColossians 1:24-2:5Jeremy Logan
07/20/14Taking Joy in Christ's Ministry to His ChurchColossians 1:24-2:5Jeremy Logan
07/13/14A Gospel of ReconciliationColossians 1:21-23Jeremy Logan
07/06/14Philippians 3:1-11Rev. Larry Oldaker
06/29/14Raised for Our JustificationRomans 8:31-39Rev. Brad Peppo
06/22/14Christ is FirstColossians 1:15-20Jeremy LoganNo audio available
06/15/14Scarcity & AbundanceJohn 6:1-15Rev. Sacha Walicord
06/08/14The Unfathomable Riches of ChristEphesians 3:8-12Rev. Leo Frailey
06/01/14God’s MenPhilippians 2:17-24Rev. Larry Oldaker
05/25/14The Spiritual Habitation of GodEphesians 2Rev. Leo Frailey
05/18/14Called to Speak as One Who Speaks for God1 Thessalonians 2:1-13Rev. Matthew Judd
05/11/14Abraham's AmenRomans 4Rev. Ken Montgomery
05/04/14Do AllPhilippians 2:12-18Rev. Larry Oldaker
04/27/14The Father's Work of SalvationColossians 1:12-14Jeremy Logan
04/20/14Jesus Christ is Risen TodayMatthew 5:3Rev. Danny Olinger
04/13/14Running the Race Part 1Hebrews 11:30-12:3Rev. Matthew Judd
04/06/14Working Out SalvationPhilippians 2:12-18Rev. Larry Oldaker
03/30/14Then and NowEphesians 2:11-13Rev. Leo Frailey
03/23/14Walking Worthy of the LordColossians 1:9-14Jeremy Logan
03/16/14The Plight of Man and the Plan of GodEphesians 2:1-7Rev. Leo Frailey
03/09/14Naomi's StoryRuth 1:1-5Rev. William Kessler
03/02/14Realizing Our Union In ChristPhilippians 2:1-11Rev. Larry Oldaker
02/23/14The Gospel's FruitfulnessColossians 1:1-8Jeremy Logan
02/16/14The Apostle’s Prayer for the ChurchEphesians 1:15-23Rev. Leo Frailey
02/09/14Follow MeJohn 21:18-23Rev. William Kessler
02/02/14Worthy of the GospelPhilippians 1:27-30Rev. Larry Oldaker
01/26/14No audio available
01/19/14Remember Not to ForgetJoshua 24:13-31Rev. Mike McGeeNo audio available
01/12/14Parable on RejectionMatthew 21:33-46Rev. Mike McGeeNo audio available
01/05/14Covetousness or ContentmentHebrews 13:1-6Rev. Mike McGeeNo audio available