COPC Defined

Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Orthodox Presbyterian Denomination are founded on the teaching of the entire Bible – both the Old and New Testaments.
Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church: What’s in our name?


Why Covenant? A “covenant” at its root is a promise. But God’s “covenant” with His people is a promise sealed in blood. God’s promise? Eternal life. Sealed in blood? God sent His Son to die in our place that we might not die. We who have been “promise breakers” and deserving of death have been given the promise of eternal life. So…to be called Covenant Church is to constantly look to the promise of God sealed in the blood of Jesus!


Why Orthodox? ORTHO means “straight” or “correct,” and DOX means “honor” or “praise.” So…Orthodox means, “The correct praise of the one true and living God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” So when we say that Covenant is an orthodox Church, it means we are committed to praising and serving God according to His Word, the Bible


Why Presbyterian? “Presbyterianism” started in the days of the Apostles with roots going all the way back to Moses. The word simply means “the church organized under the rule of elders.” But when most people hear the word “Presbyterian,” they think of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century and the recovery of the very gospel itself. As “Presbyterians” we therefore heartily embrace our historical ties to the great Protestant Reformation. This means we hold dear the great truths recovered at that time in Christ’s church, such as: Our salvation is dependent on God’s GRACE ALONE, and not on our works or merits in any way. Our justification (right standing) before God is received through FAITH ALONE on account of CHRIST’S WORK ALONE


What About You? Do you know of God’s promise sealed in blood? Do you know what it means to rightly worship and serve the true God? Do you know how you can confidently stand before the righteous God?


Come and find answers to these ultimate questions at Covenant Church!