Evening Sermons

All sermons are available online! Of course this is not a substitute for being an active and vital member of a Bible-believing, gospel-preaching local Church. In no way should you substitute listening to sermons online for worshiping almighty God in the midst of His Church (Hebrews 10:23-25; Leviticus 23:3).
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DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
The Duty of ManMicah 6:6-8Rev. James Hackworth
The Promise PossessedMatt 13:43Rev. James Hackworth
The Lord Is Not Slack Concerning His Promise2 Pet 3:9-15aRev. Dylan Rowland
Benefits from Christ at Death2 Cor 5:1-8Rev. Dylan Rowland
Sanctification: A Work of God's Free Grace1 Thess 5:23Rev. Dylan Rowland
Adopted into God's Family1 John 3:1-3Rev. James Hackworth
Joyful RepentancePs 32Rev. James Hackworth
Benefits of Salvation in this LifeRom 5:1-5Rev. James Hackworth
Those Who Hear Will LiveJohn 5:24-27Rev. Dylan Rowland

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/31/23Redemption AppliedEph 2:1-11Rev. James Hackworth
12/24/23Christmas Eve ServiceRev. Hackworth, Boehler, Rowland
12/17/23Partakers of RedemptionTitus 3:3-7Rev. Dylan Rowland
12/10/23The Exaltation of ChristPhil 2:9-11Rev. James Hackworth
11/26/23The Humiliation of ChristPhil 2:6-8Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/19/23Christ, Our High KingDan 7:13-14Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/12/23Faith: The Ground of Christian MaturityEph 3:14-21Rev. James Hackworth
10/22/23The Lord's Relentless PursuitGen 18:1-15Rev. Jeremy Logan
10/15/23Christ, the Prophet of GodHeb 9:23-28; 10:12-14Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/08/23Christ, the Prophet of GodHeb 1:1-2Rev. Dylan Rowland
09/24/23The Redeemer of God's ElectMatt 1:21; John 1:1-3, 14Rev. Dylan Rowland
09/17/23Repentance: A Saving GraceEz 18:30-32Rev. Dylan Rowland
09/10/23God: the Great Object and Subject of PrayerMatt 6:9Rev. James Hackworth
08/27/23The Mystery Revealed: Christ in YouCol 1:24-29Rev. Dylan Rowland
08/20/23Reconciled to God in ChristCol 1:21-23Rev. Dylan Rowland
08/13/23The Excellency of Christ Pt. 4Col 1:19-20Rev. Dylan Rowland
07/30/23Christ Became a Curse For UsGal 3:13Rev. Dylan Rowland
07/23/23The Excellency of Christ Pt. 3Col 1:18Rev. Dylan Rowland
07/16/23A Calmed and Quieted SoulPsalm 131Rev. Dylan Rowland
07/09/23Clothed with Majesty and StrengthPsalm 93:1-2Rev. Dylan Rowland
06/25/23The Excellency of Christ Pt. 2Col 1:16-17Rev. Dylan Rowland
06/18/23The Excellency of Christ Pt. 1Col 1:15Rev. Dylan Rowland
06/11/23A Great DeliveranceCol 1:13-14Rev. Dylan Rowland
05/28/23The Apostle's PrayerCol 1:9-14Rev. Dylan Rowland
05/21/23The Lord's ReceptionGen 18:1-8Rev. Jeremy Logan
05/14/23Circumcised with THE SEED of AbrahamGen 17:9-14, 23-27Rev. Jeremy Logan
04/30/23The Gospel and Its FruitCol 1:3-8Rev. Dylan Rowland
04/23/23The Excellency of Christ and the Christian LifeCol 1:1-2Rev. Dylan Rowland
04/16/23The Resurrection and Gospel ProclamationMark 16Rev. Dylan Rowland
04/09/23Our Citizenship is in HeavenPhil 3:20-21Rev. Dylan Rowland
03/26/23The Grandeur of Jesus' ResurrectionMark 16:1-8Rev. Dylan Rowland
03/19/23God's Grace and Christian RighteousnessRom 3:20-26Rev. Dylan Rowland
03/12/23Christ's Burial and Gospel HopeMark 15:42-47Rev. Dylan Rowland
02/26/23The God who Sees, Hears and RestoresGen 16:7-16Rev. Jeremy Logan
02/19/23The Crucifixion Pt.2Mark 15:15-32Rev. Dylan Rowland
02/12/23The Crucifixion Pt.1Mark 15:15-32Rev. Dylan Rowland
01/29/23The King of the JewsMark 15:1-15Rev. Dylan Rowland
01/22/23A Tale of Two TestimoniesMark 14:53-72Rev. Dylan Rowland
01/15/23The Scriptures Must Be FulfilledMark 14:43-52Rev. Dylan Rowland

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/25/22Beholding the Glory of Jesus Christ
John 1:14cRev. Dylan Rowland
12/18/22The Song of JesusPsalm 22:22-31Rev. Larry Oldaker
12/11/22The Agony of ChristMark 14:32-42Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/27/22I Will Strike the ShepherdMark 14:26-31Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/20/22The Loss of PatienceGenesis 16:1-6Rev. Jeremy Logan
11/13/22Lord's Supper: Christ's Passion Visibly DisplayedMark 14:22-26Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/23/22O Death, Where is Your Sting?1 Cor 15:55-58Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/16/22The Fruit of the Spirit: Self-ControlGalatians 5:22-23Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/09/22The Fruit of the Spirit: GentlenessGalatians 5:22-23Rev. Dylan Rowland
09/25/22The Fruit of the Spirit: FaithfulnessGalatians 5:22-23Rev. Dylan Rowland
09/18/22Count it all JoyJames 1:1-4Kelle Craft
08/28/22The Fruit of the Spirit: KindnessGalatians 5:22-23Rev. Dylan Rowland
08/21/22The Fruit of the Spirit: PatienceGalatians 5:22-23Rev. Dylan Rowland
08/14/22The Fruit of the Spirit: PeaceGalatians 5:22-23Rev. Dylan Rowland
07/31/22Who Receives the Glory?Gen 14:1-24Rev. Jeremy Logan
07/24/22Sabbath-keeping and the Blessings of God - Pt.2Isaiah 58:13-14Rev. Dylan Rowland
07/17/22Which Lot Will You ChooseGen 13Rev. Jeremy Logan
07/10/22The Fruit of the Spirit: JoyGalatians 5:22Rev. Dylan Rowland
06/26/22The LORD Our DefenderPsalm 125Rev. Dylan Rowland
06/19/22Love: A Primal Virtue1 Cor 13Rev. Dylan Rowland
06/12/22Hope: Eagerly Waiting with PerseveranceRom 8:24-25Rev. Dylan Rowland
05/29/22Faith: A Saving GraceHebrews 10:26-11:2Rev. Dylan Rowland
05/22/22A Virtuous Faith2 Peter 1:5-9Rev. Dylan Rowland
05/15/22The New ManEphesians 4:17-24Rev. Dylan Rowland
05/08/22O Church, Hope in the Lord!Psalm 130Rev. Dylan Rowland
04/24/22Our Help Comes from the LordPsalm 121Rev. Dylan Rowland
04/17/22Christ Who is Your LifeCol 3:1-4Rev. Dylan Rowland
04/10/22The Covenant of Grace Pt 4Heb 8-10:18Rev. Dylan Rowland
03/27/22The Covenant of Grace Pt 3Heb 9:15-17Rev. Dylan Rowland
03/20/22The Covenant of Grace Pt 2Rev. Dylan Rowland
03/13/22The Covenant of Grace Pt 1Rev. Dylan Rowland
02/27/22Sin and Misery - Part 3Rom 5:12-21Rev. Dylan Rowland
02/20/22Sin and Misery - Part 2Rom 5:12-21Rev. Dylan Rowland
02/13/22Sin and Misery - Part 1Rom 5:12-21Rev. Dylan Rowland
01/30/22Mankind's Fall in AdamRom 5:12-21Rev. Dylan Rowland
01/23/22Our First Parents' SinGen 2:15-17; 3:1-19Rev. Dylan Rowland
01/16/22What is Sin1 John 3:4Rev. Dylan Rowland
01/09/22Our First Parent's FallGen 3Rev. Dylan Rowland

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/26/21The Special Act of ProvidenceVariousRev. Dylan Rowland
12/19/21The Savior of ShepherdsLuke 2:8-20Rev. Jeremy Logan
12/12/21God's Works of ProvidenceRev. Dylan Rowland
11/28/21Wisdom's Autobiography Pt 3Proverbs 8:32-36Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/23/21Thanksgiving: God is our RefugePsalm 46Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/21/21Wisdom's Autobiography Pt 2Proverbs 8:22-31Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/14/21Wisdom's Autobiography Pt 1Proverbs 8:12-21Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/31/21The Lord is in our MidstPsalm 48Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/24/21The Call of Wisdom - Pt 2Proverbs 8Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/17/21The Peril of the Immoral Woman - Pt 2Proverbs 7Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/10/21Primer on ProverbsRev. Dylan Rowland
9/26/21Practical PrayerLuke 18:1-8Rev. Larry Oldaker
9/19/21Back to the Beginning, Part 4: God's Plan for RedemptionGen 3-12Rev. Jeremy Logan
9/12/21Repentance unto LifeEz 18:30-32Rev. Dylan Rowland
8/29/21A Psalm of ThanksgivingPsalm 100Rev. Dylan Rowland
8/22/21The Lord our God is HolyPsalm 99Rev. Dylan Rowland
8/15/21Sing to the Lord all the EarthPsalm 98Rev. Dylan Rowland
8/8/21The Righteous and Just God ReignsPsalm 97Rev. Dylan Rowland
7/25/21Come and Worship the LORDPsalm 95Rev. Dylan Rowland
7/18/21The LORD ReignsPsalm 93Rev. Dylan Rowland
7/11/21You are the ChristRev. Dylan Rowland
6/27/21Back to the Beginning - Part 3Gen 1-2:1Rev. Jeremy Logan
6/20/21A Stubborn Blindness RemovedMark 8:22-26Rev. Dylan Rowland
6/13/21Is Your Heart Still HardenedMark 8:14-21Rev. Dylan Rowland
5/30/21Seeking a Sign from HeavenRev. Dylan Rowland
5/23/21The Compassionate ShepherdRev. Dylan Rowland
5/16/21The Deaf and Mute ManRev. Dylan Rowland
3/28/21Compassionate Shepherd Pt 1Rev. Dylan Rowland
3/21/21The Creation of Man Pt 3Gen 1:26-28Rev. Dylan Rowland
3/14/21Praying with PaulEph 1:15-23Rev. Robie Day
3/7/21The Awful Providence of GodHab 3:17-19Rev. Dylan Rowland
2/28/21The Creation of Man Pt 2Rev. Dylan Rowland
2/21/21The Creation of ManGen 1:26-28Rev. Dylan Rowland
2/14/21The Resurrected BaptizerRev. Dylan Rowland
2/7/21The Mission of the Twelve - Part 2Rev. Dylan Rowland
1/31/21The Mission of the TwelveRev. Dylan Rowland
1/24/21Is this not the CarpenterRev. Dylan Rowland
1/17/21Jairus by NameMark 5:21-43Rev. Dylan Rowland
1/10/21Those born of God truly loveRev. Larry Oldaker
1/3/21To Him Who Loves UsKelle Craft

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/27/20Knowing Jesus - The Basis for ComfortJosh Smith
12/20/20The Work of CreationRev. Dylan Rowland
12/13/20The Decrees of GodRev. Dylan Rowland
12/6/20The Way of WisdomRev. Dylan Rowland
11/29/20Keep Sound Wisdom and DiscretionProv 3:21-26Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/22/20Your Offer of SacrificeVariousRev. Jeremy Logan
11/15/20The Wise CreatorRev. Dylan Rowland
11/8/20Wisdom is a Tree of LifeProv 3:13-18Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/1/20The Lord's Loving DisciplineRev. Dylan Rowland
10/25/20Humility before the LordRev. Dylan Rowland
10/18/20The Prosperity of the WiseProv 3:1-4Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/11/20The Trinity - Every Spiritual BlessingRev. Dylan Rowland
10/4/20The Trinity - Personal PropertiesRev. Dylan Rowland
9/27/20The Trinity Equal in Power and GloryRev. Dylan Rowland
9/20/20The One Living and True GodRev. Dylan Rowland
9/13/20Living in the Light of PromiseGen. 12:1-9Rev. Jeremy Logan
9/6/20A Father's Wisdom Treasuring Wisdom Pt 2Rev. Dylan Rowland
8/30/20A Father's Wisdom Treasuring Wisdom Pt 1Rev. Dylan Rowland
8/23/20The Witness of the WorldLuke 11:14-32Rev. Larry Oldaker
8/16/20The Call of WisdomProv 1:20-33Rev. Dylan Rowland
8/9/20A Father's Wisdom flee Sinful EnticementRev. Dylan Rowland
8/2/20Fear of the LORD is the Beginning of KnowledgeRev. Dylan Rowland
7/26/20When to PrayLuke 11:1-8Rev. Larry Oldaker
7/19/20What is God - Pt 4Rev. Dylan Rowland
7/12/20What is God - Pt 3Rev. Dylan Rowland
7/5/20What is God - Pt 2Rev. Dylan Rowland
6/28/20What is God - Pt 1Rev. Dylan Rowland
6/21/20From Babel to Blessing Gods Building ProjectGen 11:10-32Rev. Jeremy Logan
6/14/20What the Scriptures principally teach2 Tim 3:14-17Rev. Dylan Rowland
6/7/20Scripture the Divine RuleRev. Dylan Rowland
5/31/20To Glorify God and Enjoy Him ForeverRev. Dylan Rowland
5/24/20Give Thanks to the Lord for He is GoodPsalm 118Rev. Dylan Rowland
5/17/20His Merciful Kindness Toward UsPsalm 117Rev. Dylan Rowland
5/10/20Our God is MercifulPsalm 116Rev. Dylan Rowland
2/23/20The Heavenly JerusalemHeb 12:18-24Rev. Dylan Rowland
2/16/20Do Not Grow WearyHeb 12:12-17Rev. Dylan Rowland
2/9/20A Fatherly ChasteningHeb 12:3-11Rev. Dylan Rowland
1/26/20A Great Cloud of WitnessesRev. Dylan Rowland
1/19/20The Faith of IsraelRev. Dylan Rowland
1/12/20The Faith of Moses - Pt. 2Rev. Dylan Rowland

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/29/19The Faith of MosesHebrews 11Rev. Dylan Rowland
12/22/19The Glorious Truth of ChristmasRev. Dylan Rowland
12/15/19A Blessing to the BarrenHebrews 11Rev. Dylan Rowland
12/8/19The Lord our RighteousnessHebrews 11Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/17/19Faith of the PatriarchsHebrews 11:20-22Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/10/19Abraham. the Man of Faith Pt. 4Hebrews 11:17-19Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/20/19Abraham. the Man of Faith Pt. 3Hebrews 11:17-19Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/13/19Abraham. the Man of Faith Pt. 2Rev. Dylan Rowland
9/29/19Abraham. the Man of Faith Pt. 1Rev. Dylan Rowland
9/22/19Faith before the Flood Pt 2Rev. Dylan Rowland
9/15/19God blessing the nationsRev. Jeremy Logan
9/8/19Faith before the FloodRev. Dylan Rowland
8/25/19The Righteous and the ungodlyRev. Dylan Rowland
8/18/19Christ the CornerstoneEphesians 2:19-22Rev. Robert Day
7/28/19Maintaining confidence in ChristRev. Dylan Rowland
7/21/19Dangers of Apostasy - Part 3Hebrews 10:28-29Rev. Dylan Rowland
7/14/19Dangers of Apostasy - Part 2Hebrews 10:28-29Rev. Dylan Rowland
Apostacy Pt.1Hebrews 10:26-27Rev. Dylan Rowland
Christ's sure comingKelle Craft
In full assurance of faith - part 2Hebrews 10:19-25Rev. Dylan Rowland
6/09/19In full assurance of faithHebrews 10:19-25Rev. Dylan Rowland
5/26/19A superior mediator of a superior covenant - Part 2Rev. Dylan Rowland
5/19/19A Superior Mediator of a Superior Covenant Pt. 6Hebrews 10:1-10Rev. Dylan Rowland
5/12/19Missionary PresentationAudio Unavailable
4/28/19Missionary PresentationAudio Unavailable
4/21/19A Superior Mediator of a Superior Covenant Pt. 5Hebrews 9:15-28Rev. Dylan Rowland
4/14/19A Superior Mediator of a Superior Covenant Pt. 4Hebrews 9:11-15Rev. Dylan Rowland
3/31/19A Superior Mediator of a Superior Covenant Pt. 3Hebrews 9:1-10Rev. Dylan Rowland
3/24/19A Superior Mediator of a Superior Covenant Pt. 2Hebrews 8:6-13Rev. Dylan Rowland
3/17/19A Superior Mediator of a Superior Covenant Pt. 1Hebrews 8:1-6Rev. Dylan Rowland
3/10/19Christ, Our Superior Priest Pt.3Hebrews 7:23-28Rev. Dylan RowlandAudio Currently Unavailable
2/24/19Christ, Our Superior Priest Pt.2Hebrews 7:20-22Rev. Dylan RowlandAudio Unavailable
2/17/19Christ, Our Superior Priest Pt.1Hebrews 7:11-19Rev. Dylan Rowland
2/10/19The Greatness of MelchizedekHebrews 7:1-10Rev. Dylan Rowland
1/27/19Christ Our RefugeHebrews 6:17-20Rev. Dylan Rowland
1/20/19Service Cancelled Due to Weather
1/13/19The Certainty of God's PromisesHebrews 6:13-20Rev. Dylan Rowland

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/23/18Jesus, the Light to the Nations Second MessageVarious TextsRev. Jeremy Logan
12/23/18There Will Be No Gloom
First Message
Isaiah 9:1-7Rev. Dylan Rowland
12/16/18The Spirit's Stern WarningHebrews 5:11-6:12Rev. Dylan Rowland
12/09/18Our Great High Priest Pt.3Hebrews 5:1-11Rev. Dylan Rowland
12/02/18First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
11/25/18Our Great High Priest Pt.2Hebrews 4:14-16Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/18/18Our Great High Priest Pt.1Hebrews 4:1-13Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/11/18Hebrews 3:7-19Rev. Dylan Rowland
11/04/18First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
10/28/18Service @ Grace OPC in ColumbusAudio Unavailable
10/21/18Covenant WorshipEzra 3Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/14/18Union with ChristRomans 6:1-14Rev. Dylan Rowland
10/07/18First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
9/30/30More Glorious Than MosesHebrews 3:1-6Rev. Dylan Rowland
9/23/30God's Covenant with NoahGenesis 9:8-17Rev. Jeremy Logan
9/16/18Let the Earth Keep Silent before HimHabakkuk 2:18-20Rev. Dylan Rowland
9/09/18The Glories of the God-Man Pt.2Habakkuk 2:5-18Rev. Dylan Rowland
9/02/18First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
8/26/18The Glories of the God-Man Pt.1Hebrews 2:5-18Rev. Dylan Rowland
8/19/18Hebrews 2:1-5Rev. Dylan Rowland
8/12/18A New OrderGenesis 9:1-7Rev. Jeremy Logan
8/05/18First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
7/29/18The Supremacy of God's Son Pt.2Hebrews 1:5-14Rev. Dylan Rowland
7/22/18The Supremacy of God's Son Pt.1Hebrews 1:1-5Rev. Dylan Rowland
7/15/18The Lord in Our MidstExodus 34:1-9Rev. Dylan Rowland
7/08/18Light in the LordEphesians 5:8-14James Stafford
7/01/18First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
6/24/18The Life of Knowledge and ObedienceDeuteronomy 10:12-22Rev. Dylan Rowland
6/17/18Spirit of PersuasionI John 4:1-6Rev. Dylan Rowland
6/10/18Longing for the Word of GodPsalm 119:33-40Rev. Dylan Rowland
6/03/18First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
5/27/18The Foolishness of the Cross1 Corinthians 1:18-25Rev. Dylan Rowland
5/20/18Rejoicing in the LordPsalm 16Rev. Dylan Rowland
5/13/18Beholding the Glory of GodIsaiah 6:1-7Rev. Dylan Rowland
5/06/18First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
4/29/18The New WorldGenesis 8:1-22Rev. Jeremy Logan
4/22/18The FloodGenesis 7:6-24Rev. Jeremy Logan
4/15/18Genesis 6:9-22Rev. Jeremy Logan
4/08/18Days of Confusion & RegenerationGenesis 6:1-8Rev. Jeremy Logan
4/01/18First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
3/25/18The Book of the Generations of AdamGenesis 5:1-32Rev. Jeremy Logan
3/18/18The Cain Problem Part 2Genesis 4:16-26Rev. Jeremy Logan
3/11/18The Cain Problem Part 1Genesis 4:1-16Rev. Jeremy Logan
3/04/18First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
2/25/18Hope in the Midst of JudgmentGenesis 3:1-4:2Rev. Jeremy Logan
2/18/18The ExileGenesis 3:22-24Rev. Jeremy Logan
2/11/18The CurseGenesis 3:6-19Rev. Jeremy Logan
2/04/18First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
1/28/18The FallGenesis 3:1-8Rev. Jeremy Logan
1/21/18The First WeddingGenesis 2:18-25Rev. Jeremy Logan
1/14/18The Covenant of LifeGenesis 2:4-17Rev. Jeremy Logan
1/07/18First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/31/17The Garden of GodGenesis 2:4-15Rev. Jeremy Logan
12/24/17The King ComethIsaiah 9:6-7Rev. Jeremy Logan
12/17/17The Greatest GiftIsaiah 9:6-7Rev. Jeremy Logan
11/26/17The Church as the Body of ChristEphesians 4:14-16Rev. Leo Frailey
11/19/17Missions Report - No Recording
11/12/17God's Book of GenerationsGenesis 2:4Rev. Jeremy Logan
11/05/17First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
10/22/17God's HolidayGenesis 2:1-3Rev. Jeremy LoganAudio Not Available
10/15/17God's MasterpieceGenesis 1:26-28Rev. Jeremy Logan
10/08/17The First WeekGenesis 1:1-2:3Rev. Jeremy Logan
10/01/17First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
9/24/17The First DayGenesis 1:1-5Rev. Jeremy Logan
9/17/17Confession of SinPsalm 51:1-6Rev. Leo Frailey
9/10/17The First WordGenesis 1:1Rev. Jeremy Logan
9/03/17First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
8/27/17Yearning for God's WaysMatthew 6:5-13Rev. Matthew Judd
8/20/17Desiring God's Rule and Yearning for His WaysMatthew 6:5-13Rev. Matthew Judd
8/13/17The Nature of God's ConfessionPsalms 32:1-7Rev. Leo Frailey
8/06/17First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
7/30/17A Name Set ApartMatthew 6:1-13Rev. Matthew Judd
7/23/17 Drawing Near with Confidence and ReverenceLuke 11:1-13Rev. Matthew Judd
7/16/17Prayer - A True Means of Grace (pt. 2)Philippians 4:4-7Rev. Matthew Judd
7/09/17Prayer - A True Means of GracePhilippians 4:4-9Rev. Matthew Judd
7/02/17First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
6/25/17Hearing the Voices of the Past on Sacraments1 Corinthians 11:23-26Rev. Matthew Judd
6/18/17Further Thoughts on the SacramentsMatthew 28:16-20
1 Corinthians 11:23-26
Rev. Matthew Judd
6/11/17The Word Made Visible1 Corinthians 11:23-26Rev. Matthew Judd
6/04/17First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
5/28/17God's PipelineI Thessalonians 1:2-10, 2:10-13Rev. Matthew Judd
5/21/17Repentance - A Gospel GiftActs 5:17-32Rev. Matthew Judd
5/14/17A Penitent Faith and a Believing Repentance2 Corinthians 7:1-12Rev. Matthew Judd
5/07/17First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
4/30/17A Penitent Faith and a Believing Repentance2 Corinthians 7:1-12Rev. Matthew Judd
4/23/17Stripped in Order to be ClothedPhilippians 3:1-11Rev. Matthew Judd
4/16/17Your Living Hope (part 2)I Peter 1:1-9Rev. Matthew Judd
4/09/17Pursuing HappinessPsalm 128:1-6Mr. Brian Guinto
4/02/17First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
3/26/17Romans 3Rev. Matthew Judd
3/19/17How Can I Be Content?Philippians 4:8-14Rev. Matthew Judd
3/12/17A Heavenly Colony (part 2)Philippians 3:1-4:1Rev. Jeremy Logan
3/05/17First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
2/26/17How Can I Be Content?Philippians 4:1-20Rev. Matthew Judd
2/19/17An Abomination vs. His DelightEphesians 4:17-25Rev. Matthew Judd
2/12/17Work is GOOD!Genesis 2:8-17, 3:17-19Rev. Matthew Judd
2/05/17First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service
1/29/17Ownership and StewardshipExodus 20:1-21Rev. Matthew Judd
1/22/17S-E-X: God's Clear EvaluationHebrews 12:25-13:6Rev. Matthew Judd
1/15/17Grasping the Personhood of Children in the WombExodus 21:22-25Rev. Matthew Judd
1/08/17What You Truly Need in this New YearPsalm 25:1-7Rev. Matthew Judd
1/01/17First Sunday of the Month: No Evening Service

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/18/16Murder and its RootsExodus 20:1-17Rev. Matthew Judd
12/11/16What About When Mom & Dad Get Old?Matthew 15:1-20Rev. Matthew Judd
11/27/16Is the 5th Commandment for Big Children, Too?Proverbs 23:13-28Rev. Matthew Judd
11/20/16Trust in the Lord When It Comes to Our HomesPsalms 127: 1-5Rev. Matthew Judd
11/13/16A Promise for ChildrenEphesians 6:1-4Rev. Matthew Judd
11/06/16First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
10/23/16The Sabbath - Ok, But How Do I Observe It?Isaiah 56:1-8; 58:13,14Rev. Matthew Judd
10/16/16The Sabbath - But What About...? Part 6Hebrews 3:4-4:16Rev. Matthew Judd
10/09/16The Sabbath - But What About...? Part 5Romans 14:1-23; Colossians 2:11-17Rev. Matthew Judd
10/02/16First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
9/25/16The Sabbath - An Enduring Moral Command For Us-Part 3Genesis 1:26-2:3Rev. Matthew Judd
9/18/16The Sabbath - An Enduring Moral Command For Us-Part 2Genesis 1:26-2:3Rev. Matthew Judd
09/11/16The Sabbath - An Enduring Moral Command For UsGenesis 1:26-2:3Rev. Matthew Judd
09/0416First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
08/28/16(Dis)Honoring God's NameLuke 24:36-53Rev. Matthew Judd
08/21/16Loving the Appointed Way to Draw Near to GodDeuteronomy 12Rev. Matthew Judd
08/14/16Who's Number One?Deuteronomy 6-11Rev. Matthew Judd
07/31/16Grappling with the Apparent External Focus of the LawExodus 20:1-21Rev. Matthew Judd
07/24/16Getting the Picture into FocusRevelation 1:10-19Rev. Matthew Judd
07/17/16Set Free Unto the Law?Titus 2:11-14Rev. Matthew Judd
07/10/16Love and LawRomans 13:8-14Rev. Matthew Judd
07/03/16First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
06/26/16Do I Love God's Law?Psalm 119:129-144Rev. Matthew Judd
06/19/16God's HolidayGenesis 2:1-3Rev. Jeremy Logan
06/12/16Over AllPsalm 103:19-22Rev. Matthew JuddAudio Unavailable (Technical Difficulties)
06/05/16First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
02/28/16A Royal Use of TimePsalm 1Rev. Matthew Judd
05/29/16Dust in the WindPsalm 103:14-18Rev. Matthew Judd
05/22/16Who is Your God? A Regular and Necessary ReviewPsalm 103:6-14Rev. Matthew Judd
05/15/16Abundant LifePsalm 103:1-5Rev. Matthew Judd
05/08/16The God of War Brings True PeacePsalm 46:1-11Rev. Matthew Judd
04/24/16Where, O Where, Is God?Psalm 46:1-11Rev. Matthew Judd
04/17/16Confidence in Your God!Psalm 46:1-11Rev. Matthew Judd
04/10/16Who Is Your Protector?Psalm 121Rev. Matthew Judd
03/27/16First Fruits of Christ's ResurrectionMatthew 27:51-53Rev. Matthew Judd
03/20/16Implications of the Gospel Ministry1 Thess. 2:13-16Rev. Leo Frailey
03/13/16A Stark ContrastPsalm 1:1-6Rev. Matthew Judd
02/21/16Cleansing and RestorationPsalm 51:7-12Rev. Leo Frailey
02/14/16Your Love Put to the Test1 John 3:16-19Rev. Matthew Judd
02/07/16First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
01/31/16Sovereign MercyPsalm 107:33-43Rev. Matthew Judd
01/24/16Credit to Whom Credit is DuePsalm 107:1-32Rev. Matthew Judd
01/17/16Found, Set Free, Healed, Rescued - What is First NecessaryPsalm 107:4-9Rev. Matthew Judd
01/10/16Gathered for a ReasonPsalm 107:1-3Rev. Matthew Judd
01/03/16First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service

DateSermon TitleScriptureSpeakerAudio
12/27/15Certain to Arrive at HomeJohn 10:27-29Rev. Matthew Judd
12/20/15Growth in Grace2 Peter 1:1-11Rev. Matthew Judd
12/13/15The Fruit that Should Not be Scarce2 Chronicles 6:41 & 7:10Rev. Matthew Judd
12/06/15First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
11/29/15Conference 2015 - See "Additional Audio"
11/22/15Conference 2015 - See "Additional Audio"
11/15/15Conference 2015 - See "Additional Audio"
11/08/15Peace of ConscienceHebrews 8:13-9:15Rev. Matthew Judd
11/01/15First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
10/25/15No Audio Available
10/18/15A New Song in Your Heart: Assurance of God's Love1 John 5:9-13Rev. Matthew Judd
10/11/15God's Will for His Children: Sanctification1 Thessalonians 3:11-4:12Rev. Matthew Judd
10/04/15First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
09/27/15Children of God1 John 3:1-3Rev. Matthew Judd
09/20/15Do or DoneRomans 10:1-15Rev. Matthew Judd
09/13/15Intimate Union Absolutely NecessaryJohn 1:12,13; 3:3-8; Romans 8:7-9Rev. Matthew Judd
09/06/15First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
08/30/15ExaltedRevelation 4-5Rev. Matthew Judd
08/23/15CrushedIsaiah 53:10Rev. Matthew Judd
08/16/15God's Single-Handed DelivererJudges 3:12-30Rev. Jeremy Logan
08/09/15The Extent of Christ's ReignMatthew 28:18Rev. Matthew Judd
08/02/15First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
07/26/15Reigning at the Right Hand of the FatherActs 9:1-25Rev. Matthew Judd
07/19/15A Priest in a Presbyterian ChurchHebrews 2:10-3:8Rev. Matthew Judd
07/12/15The Prophet of ProphetsHebrews 1:1-2Rev. Matthew Judd
07/05/15First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
06/28/15What Redeemer is ThisLuke 2:10-12Rev. Matthew Judd
06/21/15No Other NameActs 4:1-14Rev. Matthew Judd
06/14/15God Helps Those Who...Romans 5:1-11Rev. Matthew Judd
06/07/15First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
05/31/15God's TestGenesis 22:1-19Rev. Jeremy Logan
05/24/15Ongoing ShockwavesRomans 5:12-19Rev. Matthew Judd
05/17/15The Dreadful PlungeGenesis 2:15-17; 3:1-24Rev. Matthew Judd
05/10/15His Holy and Wise Hand in Every Detail1 Samuel 2:1-10Rev. Matthew Judd
05/03/15First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
04/26/15Made in God's Image - What's the Big Deal?Genesis 1:26-31Rev. Matthew JuddCurrently Unavailable
04/19/15Where From? How? When? Why? So What?Genesis 1:1-2:3Rev. Matthew Judd
04/12/15All Things?Ephesians 1:1-14Rev. Matthew Judd
04/05/15First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
03/29/15The Divine Order of IntimacyEphesians 2:18Rev. Matthew Judd
03/22/15The Only God Who IsExodus 3:14-15Rev. Matthew Judd
03/15/15The King's BridePsalm 45:10-15Rev. Leo Frailey
03/08/15The Christian's Only Rule2 Timothy 3:16-17Rev. Matthew Judd
03/01/15First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
02/22/15Our Chief EndRevelation 19:1-10Rev. Matthew Judd
02/15/15The Greatest News AppliedPhilemon 1Jeremy Logan
02/08/15Greatness of Your Sin is No Hindrance to You Seeking God's MercyPsalm 25:11Rev. Matthew Judd
02/01/15First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service
01/25/15The Temptations to Your Eyes Parried by the Sword of TruthPsalm 11:1-7Rev. Matthew Judd
01/18/15Christ Enjoyed in the Midst of His ChurchActs 2:42Rev. Matthew Judd
01/11/15Christ Enjoyed in the Midst of His ChurchActs 2:42Rev. Matthew Judd
01/04/15First Sunday of the Month; No Evening Service