I Am New

In John 1:43-46, there is an account of a young man named Philip. he was trying to convince his friend, Nathanael, that he (Philip) had found God’s promise and answer for mankind in one named Jesus. But Nathanael scoffed at the idea that anything good could come from the place where Philip had encountered Jesus. Philip’s response to Nathanael’s skepticism was simply, “Come and see.”

If you are someone who is looking for a church that is dedicated to…

  1. The commitment to love one another in Christ
  2. The absolute authority of God’s inerrant Word
  3. The preaching of God’s sovereign grace in Jesus Christ – the only Savior of sinners.
  4. The worship of God with reverence and joy
  5. The growing of members in the knowledge and practice of truth

…then we invite you to join us in glorifying God through the worship, work, and witness of Covenant Presbyterian Church. We are excited because we’ve found what Philip found! Our desire is that you also “come and see!”

For your convenience, we have outlined what you can expect when you visit, what opportunities are available, and where you can find us.