What Are WE Here For?

To put this another way…Why do we exist as a Church? What is our purpose as Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church?

These questions might seem rather straightforward and even simple. But how one answers these questions reveals a lot. After all, who is even able to answer these questions for us?

Some churches look to TRADITION to answer these questions…
“This is the way we have always done things, and this is the way we will always do them.”
Other churches look to a certain type of DEMOCRATIC PROCESS to determine the answer to these questions…
“We do things by majority vote around here.”
Another church supports an AUTHORITARIAN answer to these questions…
“The Bishop says…the Priest says…or the Pastor says…”
Still other churches rely on their FEELINGS or PERSONAL EXPERIENCE to answer these questions…
“I like it…It makes me feel good…It seems good to me.”
But the problem with all of these answers is that they are MAN-CENTERED. That’s why they are unable to truly answer why we exist as a Church.

Only the One who has established the Church,

who owns the Church,

and has the right to command the Church

can adequately define why we exist as His Church.

And this One is…God Himself – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Only He can tell us what in the world we are here for – and He has told us in His Word, the Bible.

He has told us…

We exist as Christ’s Church

to summon, teach, and equip

men, women and children

to glorify God

and serve our fellow man.

But how in the world do we accomplish this?
Well, God has told us this too.

We accomplish this by…

1. Proclaiming the truth of the good news in Jesus Christ.

2. Growing God’s people in the knowledge of the truth.

3. Growing God’s people in the practice of the truth.

…all in absolute dependence upon Jesus Christ.

For Jesus said, “…without Me you can do nothing” (John 15.5).